What makes the newly opened Prostora Gallery in the center of Vinohrady unique?

We inaugurated the Prostora Gallery in June with the first exhibition titled "MINE, MINE... by Jiří Petrbok." A guided tour took place, and we will announce further programs during the summer at a later date. The gallery's opening hours during the holidays are Wednesday to Friday from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Located at Blanická 9 Street (on the 1st floor), the gallery stands out with its specific placement in the former telephone exchange building. It boasts large windows that provide the exhibition space with airiness and authenticity. The space has been left in its raw state, only complemented with electrical installations and a dividing partition, offering visitors a contrasting experience between the exhibited artwork and the rawness of the building's original function. The interior with windows and columns has been artistically enhanced with objects such as paintings, drawings, graphics, and sculptures, all installed by Jiří Petrbok himself. Some pieces are prominently displayed, while others are intentionally hidden from the audience's view.

We recommend visiting in the late afternoon when the sunlight gently permeates the room, providing you with a unique and individual experience. If you're lucky, you might hear the soothing tones of piano compositions from the piano studio located below us. To enhance the experience further, you can also access a playlist of Jiří Petrbok's favorite compositions, which you can save on your phone.

We look forward to your visit.

Exhibition: 21/6 - 31/8/2023.